The Friends of the Commonwealth is a group of former student leaders who have organized for the purpose of bettering the Penn State Campuses.

Our organization is dedicated to strengthening the connection between students - past, present and future. Our activities focus on fostering a sense of community and instilling a lifelong commitment between students and our alma mater.

Campus Tailgate Events

Each year the Friends of the Commonwealth plan a series of football tailgates near Penn State campuses around the state. The 2016 dates and locations are included in the fall newsletter. A suggested donation of $10 is recommended to all members with all proceeds funding our regional community service projects.

Undergraduate Scholarship

The Excellence in Student Leadership Scholarship recognizes current Commonwealth Student Leaders for their commitment to the university. The purpose of this scholarship is to reward students who have worked to better one or more of the nineteen Penn State Commonwealth Campuses and its surrounding community through:

  1. Dedication to Community Service
  2. Responsible Citizenship
  3. Positive Campus Programming

Scholarship Applications

Students that are eligible for the scholarship must be: a full-time equivalent undergraduate student at one of the nineteen Penn State Commonwealth Campuses; have a minimum 2.5 cumulative GPA at the time of nomination; and can only have earned 90 or fewer credits at the time of application.

Previous Recipients